About Us

We aim to provide easy to use tutorials for lay-people on how to safely acquire and store IOTA Cryptocurrency. We seek to reduce the stress and uncertainty involved with your first IOTA purchase by helping you to fully understand the wallet, as well as how to safely and securely generate and store your seed.

We want to help you build confidence and familiarity with IOTA so that should you decide to invest your money in it, you will know how to keep your tokens safe and accessible.

While the official IOTA foundation’s primary educational resources are devoted to industrial and institutional investors, We aim to educate regular people who don’t have a technical background with the basic knowledge necessary to become an early adopter/investor in this groundbreaking technology.

If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thanks, and enjoy!
The IotaGuide team.

This is an unofficial, fan operated site. We are not affiliated with The IOTA Foundation.